Training Chopsticks

Edison Chopsticks


  1. Suitable for Ages 2~7
  2. Easiest way to learn how to use chopsticks
  3. Development focused on safety, sanitation, design and function for children
  4. A new idea for children's tableware that helps them eat meals by themselves
  5. Scientifically developed to be the most suitable design for the human body
  6. Children naturally become familiar with the handwriting position


What are Edison Chopsticks

Edison Chopsticks are patented (Patent in US, China, Japan and Taiwan) education products that enable children aged 2 and older with the wrong posture to immediately learn the principles of using them. Also, they are new-concept kitchen utensils to help children to get used to using chopsticks in an easy and fun way, and develop finger motion which is impossible with forks, as well as concentration, focus, and intellect.

It can help develop intellect. Even though much research reports that IQ development is complete between the ages of 3-6, which indicates the significance of chopstick usage during this period, children before school age have rarely been trained for chopsticks, nor has there been any product available. Accordingly, INP researched children’s emotions, body figure, and psychology, so as to develop and manufacture chopsticks with a concern for function and safety that enable children who have reached the age of 2 to immediately learn the principles as they enjoy using them.

Product Image Item Name- Model Price
Thomas Tank Engine - Left Handed

Thomas Tank Engine - Left Handed



Thomas 2 Stages Training Chopstick Set (Right-Handed)

Thomas 2 Stages Training Chopstick Set (Right-Handed)



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