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Cypress essential oil is especially comforting during the winter season. Its fresh, herbaceous, slightly evergreen aroma is refreshing and restores feelings of security and stability. Cypress is also beneficial for oily or troubled skin.

Cypress can be used for a wide range of problems. Its astringent properties make it excellent for use where there is excess fluid edema, incontinence, diarrhea, heavy menstrual flow for women over 20, excessive perspiration, excessive sweating of the feet (its a good deodorant too), bleeding gums and nosebleeds.

Cypress is antispasmotic, acting especially on the bronchi a drop or two of the essential oil inhaled on a tissue will help relieve an asthma attack and a couple drops in a saucer will act as a preventative during the night.

Diffused, it is useful for asthma, emphysema, whooping cough, and bronchitis. Rub it on the chest for spasmodic coughs. It is also an expectorant.

Cypress is the #1 tonic for the circulatory system, softening the walls of hardened arteries, relieving angina pain, and strengthening connective tissue.

It is helpful for minimizing varicose veins, applied locally in gentle upward strokes (Never massage) after weekly cold compresses with German Chamomile. After about 4 weeks, veins will look better and the legs will feel lighter.

Cypress essential oil helps balance the female hormone system. Severe hot flashes during menopause may be reduced with Cypress combined with clary sage. It relieves menstrual pain, PMS, and taken orally and applied topically, it helps inhibit ovarian cysts.

The French also used the essential oil of Cypress for arthritis, insomnia, intestinal parasites, lymphatic congestion, pancreas insufficiencies, pleurisy, prostate decongestant, tuberculosis and throat problems.

For the mind and spirit, aromatically, Cypress influences, strengthens, and helps ease the feeling of loss.

Cypress has been called the funeral oil. It creates a feeling of security, grounding, cohesion and stability. It provides mental structure and collection of thoughts for absent-mindedness, lack of concentration, squandering of energies, and uncontrollable sobbing.

It has a calming, soothing effect on the irritable, angry and stressed-out person.

Cypress is a spiritual oil particularly helpful in times of turmoil and transition.

Cypress can help counteract negative emotions of grief, sorrow, jealousy, lethargy, fear, timidly, and frustration.

Cypress essential oil encourages the positive emotions of strength, comfort, change, understanding, balance, sensitivity, generosity, inner peace, purity of heart, patience and trust.

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