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Originally designed as an all-natural, less expensive alternative to the ointments you find on a typical grocery store shelf, CJ's BUTTer formula is a carefully crafted combination of all nautral ingredients AND cloth nappy friendly. (None of her customers have had any staining or repelling issues.)

BUTTer works quickly to relieve nearly all skin irritations and acts as a effective protective barrier.

CJ's BUTTer is soothing for baby and also aids in the easy, smooth clean-up of dirty nappies.

The only ingredients in original BUTTer are shea butter, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, beeswax, cocoa butter (deodorized, not raw) and Vitamin E. Fragrance or essential oils are only added if you choose the scented options.

CJ's Butter Plus (formerly 'yeast fighting'): If you are dealing with a particularly difficult and hard-to-beat rash, try this unscented formula. Excludes the lanolin and oatmeal of the Original formula, and adds in sesame oil and neem oil, as well as large amounts of coconut oil. 

Called a”A Miracle in a Tube” by some, CJ’s BUTTer™ has been used on adults and children to help relieve …

  • eczema
  • rashes
  • dry/chapped skin
  • rug burns (sore ‘crawler’ knees)
  • mechanics’ hands and cuticles
  • hang nails
  • rub a small amount on your hands and use as a leave-in conditioner for your curls
More uses for CJ’s BUTTer™ include:......
  • Use it for black/mixed hair!! Leaves hair soft, shiny and helps alleviate those ‘owies’ when trying to separate locks!
  • Melt a dollop under running bath water for a relaxing, soothing, and anti-inflammatory soak–provides relief for post-partum soreness and hemorrhoids!
  • Provides protection against windburned cheeks/face and helps to relieve windburn!
  • Promotes healing and provides a non-stick barrier when used after a circumcision.
It is generally used for  yeast rash, thrush, cradle cap and athlete's foot.

*Note:  Neem oil has a distinctive smell.  Some might call it somewhat unpleasant.  Most users agree that the effectiveness of the product is what is most important and that the smell of the PLUS formula is therefore tolerable.

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