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Our emu oil is now refined using the state of the art molecular distillation process, making it the purest and safest available.

The aborigines of Australia have long known (over 1000 years) what the rest of the world is just beginning to realize in the last decade or so... Emu Oil can help ease pain, aching muscles, sore joints, swelling, inflammation, burns, headache pain and various other problems. Emu oil is approximately 70% unsaturated fatty acids. The largest component is oleic acid a mono-unsaturated fatty acid, it also contains about 20% linoleic (Omega 6) acid and 1-2% linolenic (Omega 3) acid. It is an effective anti-inflammatory. The potency of the anti-inflammatory effect is similar to ibuprofen without the negative side-affects frequently common with traditional prescription or corticosteroid based anti-inflammatory medications.

Emu Oil is a healthy, complex, topical oil, which contains a natural anti-inflammatory. It is trans-dermal and a natural emollient. In addition to reducing swelling and stiffness in joints, it can reduce bruising and muscle pain. Both professional sports trainers and players recognize the benefits. As an additional benefit reports are indicating that it can help combat the effects of the aging process and research has shown that it can thicken the skin, which in turn can reduce the appearance of aging.

Since this product has no aroma and does not clog pores, it is highly moisturizing, and a natural skin softener with rejuvenating properties (it has been shown to reduce the depth and length of fine lines & wrinkles ). It is also non greasy and highly penetrating and has been demonstrated to be the fastest and most penetrating carrier into the skin, making it an excellent trans-dermal carrier for any other added moisturizers or therapeutic ingredients.

Latest research is showing that diabetic wound care which has long been a challenge to doctors who struggle to heal wounds and prevent infection. Due to poor circulation, wounds in the extremities take longer to heal for diabetics. Wounds that start out small can eventually lead to amputation. Even dry skin can be dangerous to diabetics. Dry skin can lead to cracks that become sores.


Mix 1 to 3% of essential oil (tea tree, cedarwood, rosemary) to emu oil and rub on affected area.


We recommend massaging a small amount of emu oil into the hairless or thinning area of the scalp three times per day, if possible. In the evening or on weekends, apply a greater amount of emu oil to the scalp and leave on for 20-30 minutes, then wash hair with a mild shampoo. If your hair follicles were in a sleep state, you should notice signs of regrowth in 30-90 days.


Eczema suffers often complain that moisturisers available on the market irritate the skin. Recent reports indicate that Emu oil can provide significant reductions of irritation and inflammation of the skin. It makes an excellent follow-up to steroid treatment.


Massaging Emu Oil twice daily appears to significantly reduce keloid scarring and helps prevent the formation of keloid tissue.


The use of Emu Oil on early blistering of burns appears to promote faster healing with less scars and pain.


The donor site after skin grafting appears to benefit from the application of Emu Oil again reducing pain and scarring.


Pain, swelling and stiffness of joints close to the skin surface such as hands, feet and elbows have responded to Emu oil when massaged two to three times a day. A home made compress of the oil, (e.g. a piece of cloth or a few tissues soaked in the oil and wrapped around the joint over night) has been reported to be very effective.


Children with growing pains? Massage Emu oil into the affected area before going to sleep.


Emu Oil appears to provide significant benefit to recent bruising and muscle pain where injury is relatively superficial. Use the massage and compress combination. Sports related muscle pains can benefit with a post-exercise Emu oil massage.


Emu Oil applied to epithelialised wounds appears to reduce scar tissue formation. The anti-inflammatory action seems to soothe wounds after surgery. Emu Oil in its pure state has been tested not to grow organisms. It is safe to use on any open area. It can significantly speed up the healing process and reduce scarring.


Emu Oil is also effective in the treatment of animals. Skin conditions on animals may be treated the same as humans.

and many more uses...

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