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Typical usage rate: 1-4%

Appearance: Ultrafine white crystalline powder

Mesh Size:
100% through sieve No. 100, min. 95% through sieve No. 200 (75 microns)
pH: 2.3

Freely soluble in water (approx. 30g/100ml), sparingly soluble in ethanol (2g/100ml), insoluble in fats and lipids.

Vitamin C is used in skin care products in the form of ascorbic acid. At a 10% concentration and low ph, ascorbic acid has been shown to stimulate collagen, decrease wrinkle depth and have lightening effects on pigmentation. It was thought that a minimum 10% concentration was required but newer information indicate that lower concentration (5%) may have benefit.

Vitamin C Serum Recipe

This recipe makes a serum with approximately a 10% concentration of vitamin C. Take care- these are active ingredients At this concentration it will have a relatively low ph, and in some people this will be too irritating for the skin. If this is the case, try making a half or even quarter concentration to start with. Use this for a week or two until you know you skin is tolerating this, and then slowly increase to a higher concentration. If after you apply it, you find your skin is tingling excessively, wash off immediately.

Active Ingredients: 1g L-ascorbic acid

Base Ingredients: 5 ml glycerine, 5ml water.

  1. Dissolve 1 gram of L-ascorbic acid in 5 ml of water (preferably distilled), in small glass container using a stirrer. Make sure it is fully dissolved before proceeding to next step.
  2. Add 5 ml of glycerine and mix.
  3.  Put in a sealable jar, (not clear glass as this allows light in, and light degrades vitamin C.)
  4. Store in cool dry place.
Alternatively, you can just dissolve the L-Absorbic Acid in water and mix in with your favourite face cream. You can make a fresh batch daily or for 3 days keeping remainder in the fridge.

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