Kabuki Brush (Synthetic)

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We have found the softest man-made synthetic teklon brush. Try it! Brownish hair with light pink metallic handle.

Itís been called the Rolls Royce of makeup brushes. It is the only makeup brush used by the top makeup artists in the world, and it is a standard in homes of almost every celebrity. By now you should know weíre talking about the Kabuki makeup brush. For anyone who wears makeup, especially mineral makeup, your face would just not look right with the Kabuki makeup brush.

You can use it as an all around duster, or just to apply blush on your cheeks, but one thing is for certain, you need to own one.

Mineral makeup is basically loose powder that nourishes the skin and is very natural so that it works on every type of skin. There are no perfumes, dyes, oil, or preservatives. It enhances your skin in everyway possible. However, when you put it on with a typical makeup brush it can look streaky and even over powdered. But when you put it on with a Kabuki makeup brush it looks as if you stepped right off the pages of a magazine. Seriously, it is just that good.

With a Kabuki makeup brush, you can feel the softness even before it hits your skin. The brush is made of natural animal hair such as squirrel/goat/badger that feels incredible on your face. It is much denser then regular makeup brushes so you have better control over the amount of foundation or blush that you put on your face. It almost buffs the makeup on as opposed to applying it. All in all, this fluffy brush gives a more natural finish that you just donít find in boring old brushes that come with your makeup.

The Kabuki makeup brush is known for holding the minerals in so that the coverage goes on perfectly every time. A regular foundation brush just deposits the make up on your face which can lead to unevenness and streaks.

Any woman who knows makeup at all knows that their face would not be complete without a Kabuki makeup brush.

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