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  • Shipping Weight: 1200g

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  • Color-safe non-chlorine bleach
  • Fragrance and dye free
  • Completely biodegradable
  • 100% phosphate free
  • No optical brighteners
  • Gentle for sensitive skin but tough enough for battlefield conditions!
  • Ultra-concentrated!
  • Septic Tank Safe
  • EPA - Design for the Environment Certified
  • Gluten free; no coconut-derived ingredients

Our Oxygen Powered Bleach is an excellent product to be used by itself or as an additive with our powdered or liquid detergent to bleach laundry. It has excellent cleaning characteristics as well as whitening and brightening qualities.

You can use our Oxygen Powered Bleach on all washable fabrics with virtually all colors. It whitens whites and brightens colors without the smell of chlorine!

Using our Oxygen Bleach with our Powdered Detergent gives you "super-whitening" power because both products have the oxygen-creating ingredient Sodium Percarbonate. Naturally, the Oxygen Powered Bleach has several times the amount of Percarbonate so that it can be used on it's own to simply whiten and brighten any garment. Adding our laundry bleach to the detergent gives you great cleaning and whitening without the personal environmental price you might pay using a chlorine bleach.

Over the long run chlorine bleach can significantly wear down fabrics and is generally not acceptable for septic tank use. Chlorine bleach can also create toxic gases when combined with certain other cleaners... be sure to double check compatibility before using chlorine bleach with any other product.

The product works quite well for other projects such as cleaning sinks and toilets.

If you have that Front Load washing machine, no problem! We are highly concentrated and you need use only an 2oz to start. For traditional Top Load machines and a full load of clothes, you should use 2-3 oz!

Remember, Oxygen Powered Bleach is not a detergent. The best results come when you allow your clothes to soak for about 30 minutes before you add detergent and wash. Be sure to check your clothes to make certain they are colorfast before you use any bleach of any kind. One more thing to be aware of...if your Oxygen Powered Bleach Pouch feels like it is filled with air, donít be concerned! It simply means that moisture in the air has mixed with the Oxygen Bleach and you simply have to open and reseal the pouch! No harm done!

sodium carbonate, sodium percarbonate, sodium sulfate, primary linear alcohol ethoxylate, coconut diethanolamide

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