Bees Wax Pastilles (Yellow)

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Made in USA.Yellow beeswax is the raw wax secreted from the honeybee for honeycomb construction and is yellow to grayish brown in color and has a faint odor.

Processing and purifying the plant wax makes it suitable for use in candles, crayons, polishes, cosmetic creams and lipsticks.

Beeswax is a natural emulsifier as well as one of the oldest and purest waxes. For hundreds of years, natural beeswax has been used in creams, candles, lipsticks and other cosmetics.

Common Uses of Yellow Beeswax:
* Creams
* Lipsticks
* Lip Balms and salves
* Perfume base
* Candles

Benefits of Yellow Beeswax:
* Adds hardness
* Natural emulsifier
* Offers a high melting point
* Burns slowly
* Stable
* Low sensitivity and allergic reaction

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